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Swaroop wrote an awesome python – flex app yesterday in round about 20 minutes. What makes this application cool is the way a python generated file seamlessly integrates with a flex app to display a pie chart. The python guru that swaroop is, it took him less than 5 minutes to write the python app 🙂 . A tweak here, a test there the flex app was also ready – All this in a small distracted period of a meeting. Great going Swaroop!

Read the entry on his blog to see the app in action.


We had folks coming from SAP Labs, Bangalore and Tavant Technologies, Bangalore to attend a one day Flex training. I was one of the presenters for the same along with Prayank, Ram, Raghu & Anant. It was a wonderful experience and I was really impressed by the amount of Flex work these guys were doing. The folks from Tavant had great knowledge about the cairngorm framework and the works too.

The first preso was by Prayank, who spoke about the key features of Flex and the benefits of using flex for building RIAs. This was followed by a talk by Raghu on using e4x in flex. He also demonstrated a neat application which uses amazon webservice for data retrieval and e4x parsing to display the data.

I had a great time talking about the Flex DataGrid and the drag & drop capabilities of flex. My first session was on Datagrid. I also tried to give some deep insight into the itemRenderers and itemEditors on Datagrid. My presentation was just before lunch and to make matters worse, it got extended by almost 20mins. 🙂 But, fortunately the whole thing went on well! The attendees asked some fantastic, well researched questions at the end of the session, which was a clear reflection of the quality of flex work these guys are doing.

Anant’s preso on events and dataProviders provided a great deal of technical insight to the attendees and it elaborated many of the key concepts of the flex event model. My short drag and drop preso followed, where I demonstrated the same example that I had published here , few days back.

The last talk for the day was by Ram, who spoke about building large scale apps in flex. He elaborated the challenges, the way outs and the work arounds. He also spoke in detail about using cairngorm framework to build large scale apps with a great demo which used the amazon webservice to implement a shopping cart experience.

The demos went great, the participants could get a very detailed insight on many concepts of flex and We guys had a lot of fun.

I will post the examples I presented during the talk here soon! Coming up next is the tutorial on validating itemEditors on the itemEditor tutorial series. 🙂