Tips & Tricks – ItemEditors – II

Posted on: May 10, 2007


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7 Responses to "Tips & Tricks – ItemEditors – II"

Good example, but if you don’t want an alert message but the red tooltip displayed by the validator how can you do it ? I’ve done some test but the tooltip never appeared.

Great article.

How do you know when the new value is commited.

I am using ItemEditEnd to fire a function but since the value has not been commited to the dp my function recieves the old cell value.

Any tips are greatly appreciatted.

I am having the same issue as Darren, been scouring the nets for a solution…I keep getting the old value back, it seems like itemEditEnd fires before the binding, and before the combo.change event in my editor. any thoughts?

hey luke,
usefollowing.. inside itemEditEnd()

// changes to datagrid elements

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Thanks For The Info! Nice Article!

Hey thanks so much, really helped in a pinch to validate some info in our grid! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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