Tips & Tricks – ItemEditors – III

Posted on: June 4, 2007

Read this post at my new blog – http://blog.flexgeek.in/2007/06/tips-tricks-itemeditors-iii/


7 Responses to "Tips & Tricks – ItemEditors – III"

Link broken for “View Sample Application” as well as Download source.

This is great stuff! Appreciate it.

One of the most useful blog post series I’ve seen. nice.

What if the user mouse clicks away to change focus vs hitting enter – the preventDefault doesn’t seem to do anything.

Your source does not match up to your sample app. In your sample app you can type into this datagrid instead of using the stepper. however, in your source code this function does not work.


Why is it that when i implemented this code it works differently than the sample app? I like the idea of being able to trap the focus in the control until the error is fixed. It appears as though your sample app disables the other rows in the column until the validation is satisfied because when you click in another coulmn the control is destroyed and focus is changed.

Is there more code doing this functionality that I see in the sample app than what was presented in the source code? When I ran the code supplied all works but this aforementioned functionality.

what if I have two item editors in a same datagrid and want to validate both of them with a different logic.. I think itemEditEnd will fire a single function, but if I have to check these values on different conditions then probably there is a trap.. any solutions for this issue?

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