Report: Flex APAC Seminar – 06/07

Posted on: June 6, 2007

The session on introducing ActionScript 3.0 on the Flex APAC seminar was a great success. We had 67 developers from different parts of India joining us and we had some great participation from all the members. This session was a great learning experience for me, and I enjoyed the whole 1 hour of the seminar thoroughly. Raghu joined me as a co-presenter and did a fabulous job in explaining the Flex builder debugger in just 10 minutes. Overall a wonderful start for the series and hoping to see more and more flex enthusiasts joining in for th forthcoming sessions.

Just in case if you missed the session, you can view the recording of the seminar here


4 Responses to "Report: Flex APAC Seminar – 06/07"

Hey Harish,
Surely it can’t be an APAC Seminar if its only in 1 x country located within APAC?

Surely it be more appropriate to call it the Indian Flex Seminar?

You’ll be getting all the Flex fans located in the other 8 APAC countries all disappointed.


Matt Voerman
Adobe Consulting APAC

Hi Matt,

We sure intend to keep this seminar series as APAC and not India. Prayank Swaroop, the Flex evangelist from Adobe India is working to get the timings worked out for these seminars such that folks from all over the APAC region (Which would include india too 🙂 ). Hopefully, the next time we will have more participation from outside India also 🙂

Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

NP mate…I caught up with Prayank up in Korea last month at the APAC Flex Leader Summit.

Say g’day from me when you next speak to him.


Sure Matt! 🙂

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