Tips & Tricks : AdvancedDataGrid – grouping & summary rows

Posted on: June 14, 2007


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15 Responses to "Tips & Tricks : AdvancedDataGrid – grouping & summary rows"

Thanks Harish. Nice to see an example of the ADG.

Just what I was looking for ! Great job. You rock

is it possible to place the hierarchical column some where else other than the first column.Flex 3 automatically places the hierarchical structure on the first column itself.

does anyone know what the SummaryObject structure looks like? I want to create a labelfunction for a clumn that has a summary, but I want to summary to still appear.

Great tutorial – only thing im left wanting is how to auto expand the group folders. I’ll have a poke through the help docs.

thanks for the GREAT post! Very useful…

Oh, and did not know about it. Thanks for the information …

Great article,
Anyone know how to change the label of the folder and more importantly display the first row of the data.

I have a db table with note records, we kep a history of the notes, the notes all have the same id, and time stamped. I call the notes back ordered by time stamp. I get an advanced data grid, with the folder(tree) names as the noteid from the db. I would like too display the first record(row) with the folder, and then if the user wants to open the folder(tree) to see the note history they can. Otherwise they can just read the latest.
Thanks in advance

Examples don’t seem to be working

What a wonderfull example. Really U r Rocking Harish.
One thing if u mention the way to add text with summary like “Total Licenses : “

To change the folder labels you can use groupLabelFunction property and specify a function.
Look at the adobe help file for function signature and more help in advanceddatagrid help.

It appears that the links to the source code and example are dead.


AdvancedDataGrid – grouping & summary rows a great example. Could you please email me the source?
The download link is broken.


Hi Nice example about AdvancedDataGrid, the download is not working. Could you pls email me the src code in zip format if possible?


Great example. i am trying to take it one step further. does anyone know how to handle variable tree depths?

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