Task Scheduler Chart using AdvancedDataGrid (moxie)

Posted on: June 28, 2007


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29 Responses to "Task Scheduler Chart using AdvancedDataGrid (moxie)"

Good going bro… nice work !! 🙂

The positions of the sprites don’t change when u resize the column headers affecting the time line logic. Is it expected?

Resizing of columns does not make sense in this kind of a component. but my bad, I must have turned off that capability. Thanks a lot for pointing ths out.

This is a very interesting work. I recalled the dashboard project we’ve done required integrating with scheduling data. Chart like this really ties time series data. Very cool, dude.

Thanks, Moxie. You have a very cool site in there.

awesome work.. not to get greedy but how scaleable is it? Can you have multiple years worth of data? and a lot of roles? Keep up the awesome work.


The way I have designed this app, it creates only one year data at a time, when you scroll (this scrolling should be made independent of the horizontal scrolling of ADG) will create/ reuse the view that is required for the new year). I am doing some touches to the code, will upload it here soon. Thanks for stopping by.

This is awesome. Thanks.

Did you ever post the source code? I need to do almost the same thing myself?

was the zoom in/out features of your calendar implemented with states or are they being dynamically generated in AS3? How do you handle leap year?


Leap year is currently not handled in the example I posted, though I believe its pretty straightfwd to implement. There are no states used in this, the columns are dynamcially generated in AS3. I will post the code here soon, do take a look.

Nice application. The only thing I would suggest is disabling columns dragging.

Hi ,

While few of us are waiting for the code, Can i request short description or learning resource for AdvancedDataGrid? May be related to explanation of how you achieved this implementation.

And always your code will be a great thing to have too!!!

thanks a lot for posting this.

Awesome !
But really need the source code, I have to do exactly the same :/
Still not posted ?

If you do not want to give the source code you can say it… so dumb…

So I’m assuming that the source isn’t available? It’s a very well engineered example and would be a great help to the Flex community… please consider actually sharing it.

[…] got several comments, mails and even angry remarks for posting the source code of the gantt chart / task scheduler chart that I had posted here a few months back. Thanks for the interest shown, guys! I deeply […]

Source Code ?

its already posted, Dave. Look at the latest post in my blog. Thanks!

very interesting demo…every things works well but the double click collapse dosen’t work….in the code what to do to collapse a column??
wait for your respons 🙂

I have faced a problem with the demo, well…The VerticalScrollBar doesn’t seems to work normally when you add many tasks so that the Vertical scrollBar appears, there is a graphical problem with tasks..try it and you will see..I really need your support..
Thanks a lot 🙂

Hi Bacem:

I did see the issue intermittently. I will take a look at it and see if I can do a quick fix. Thanks for trying out the component.


hi vodka,
double click collapse does not work.? Is this the code for gcapp.swf? i really need this code. thanks.

Hi Vodka,

Excellent job! I’d love to play around in the code. Will you please mail it over? Thanks!


Hi Vodka,

It seems that the links are still broken. Could please you send me the source code for the gantt/scheduler? Thanks

hi vodka,
double click collapse does not work.? Is this the code for gcapp.swf? i really need this code. thanks.
please send code to man9a8au@gmail.com

thanks, greate job

Interested in viewing the application and the source. please advise or send to manager AT spacecityaug.com .


Hi there! Hey, I found this very useful and I really need to use it for a work in the University, but links are broken…
Could you please send me zip file with the source code? I’d be very thankfull….

Thanks in advance!


Can u share ur code with acrobat.com?

Thanks in advance.

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