Source code for TaskScheduler chart in Flex

Posted on: January 29, 2008


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clicking on your links i get the following message: “Sorry, this GeoCities site is currently unavailable.”

Hi Norbert:

I have fixed the broken link (there was a band width crisis 😦 ). Please check if you can access the source / app.


[…] Task Scheduler Chart using AdvancedDataGrid (moxie) June 28, 2007 Posted by vodka in flex. trackback Soure now available here! […]

It’s working now. Thanks 😉

The demo is Great…but i’am wondering how the double click column collapse works….this control does’t work with me…please telle me what is the piece of code that makes that (the class and the method)..I need your help 🙂
thanks a lot

What is the point giving us this source code, since we can do it in HTML. I more interest in the this one.


can you post this source code instead?


Hi Boston:

Few folks wanted the source for this component as well, hence I posted it. gcapp is not a component implementation, its just some dirty coding that I did to get this working. If you need the code, I will send it to you by mail. I do not intend to post that source code.


I am looking at the code, let me get back to you once I have a solution for the same.

Hi Bacem,

that’s would be great! my email is Bostonj7809@yahoo.com. you did the awesome job on this one (“http://www.flexgeek.info/samples/adg/gantt/gcapp.swf”) I haven’t find any better than this.

can this source code work for Flex 3 builder too? I just purchase this Flex 3 builder last week.

Thank you!

hi vodka,
thank you for your respons…well i am working on your code and i have modified and added some AS classes and UI components to make drag&drop, resize,..on tasks and i have added linkes between tasks with diffrent types(End/End,Start/Start,End/Start)..and the click collapse will be great if it works with me…I think if you want we will do great things together vodka on the Gantt diagram..ILOG will risk concurrence on there Gantt Scheduler product 😉 what do you think :D…
i will send you the final code if you want…
waiting for your code vodka..
thanks a lot

hi Boston,
yes it works well with the Flex Builder 3…i have tried it..
but you need to have a Licence key for Flex Builder 3…
thanks 🙂

hi vodka,
my mail is bacem.maatoug@gmail.com


Great to see that you are able to get this component working. We could certainly work together in this component. I will send you a mail with the code for the GCAPP.


Hi vodka,

can you send me the code? on this one “gcapp.swf”.

Bacem, you are right on this…the drag and drop feature is definitely a plus…..If you think about SOA feature, count me in too.

Hi Vodka,
Thank you for your respons…i am very excited by this collaboration it will be great since i am working also on the communication between the Gantt Diagram and an EJB server side to update a database using the BlazeDs technologie but i am now preparing mapping between JAVA classes and AS classes.
waiting for your mail Vodka 😉

Hi Vodka,

me too! where have you been?

Thank you!

Hi Vodka,
I think i have some ideas about the Horizontal Scroll bar problem that i have told you about…Give me if you want Ur @mail that i can telle you my point of view about the code problem :)…
Have a nice day..


I feel like I am on the Hillary Clinton’s forumn….so hard to locate Vodka and his email’s respond.

I am checking this site for his email almost every 5 times a day!


hi Bostonj,
yes for sure 😀 😀 :D…..you don’t know he is probably busy !! 🙂
be patien with him 😀 he needs time 🙂
i am also busy with the Gantt code that i am adding now .

Hi Vodka :),
I am waiting for your mail vodka!!:) because i need the calender collapse to continue …well i have done many things in the code and i want to show you the new components and the new Gantt Chart.
please send me your @mail :)*
thanks 🙂

hi all,

It is the great demo. But can i get the source code that you all talk about. I’m so fresh in this flex application only about one weeks. i must make the schedule application almost similar likes this task schedule. can i get the code? i want to get the idea how to make it. this is my email add nadhr_n@yahoo.com. Thanks a lot… 🙂

can you send the source code for both the Gantt and Scheduler.

This is something I have been looking to develop. This will save tons of time if you could send the code.

Great Job!!!!

May I please have a copy of the source code you’re referring to as well?


I’m involved in a big work project doing a calendar with an associated Gantt and would love to see what you have.


May I please have a copy of the source code?


I’m working on a project and we need to create a calendar with an associated Gantt Chart.


May I please have a copy of the source code you’re referring to as well?



The source code is linked in the blogpost itself, let me know if you guys can download it.

hi Vodka
Nice to see you again in this blog 😀
well the new GanttChart that i was working on is now available
am still waiting for Ur mail to send you the final code
I can’t download the new code post can you give the link?
Thanks man 🙂

Would you mind to send me this source code too ??

Tanks a lot,


Hey Voka and Bacem,

can you guys sent me the recent source code?

at Bostonj7809@yahoo.com

Bacem, I got the webservice to work with Ilog now…


Source code is unavailable from your download link. Bad request. Are you able to post to ajepym at gmail dot com ?

This component looks awesome but I can’t download the source. Can you send me the source code to cmanciero at gmail dot com?

This work looks great, as the others i can’t access the source… could you please send it to me?

Can’t access app or source.

Hi Vodka,

It seems that the links are still broken. Can you send me the code for the gantt/scheduler? Thanks

Always no source code, can you send me by mail please.
Thanks a lot for your work.


Hi, the link is still broken, does anyone can can send me it by mail please ( chesne.jerome@gmail.com ) thanks a lot

Thanks for your source code to publish.
But, download source link is broken.
So, can you send to me source code by e-amil? (zerotae@gmail.com)
please. thanks.

Hi Vodka,

This is just great!. I would love to see how you implemented it.
Could you please kindly send me the source code as well?

I would greatly appreciate it.



Thank your for the possbility to download the source, but the link is broken.
Can you please send the source to my email address.


Hi, the link is still broken, does anyone can can send me it by mail please ( tomek_pl2@o2.pl ) thanks a lot

this is great! I tried downloading from the source link, but I get “Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)”
Could you update the link, or possibly email me the flexbuilder3 source? (n8jackson@hotmail.com)

link for demo applicationand source code is broken
can you please send me the code
my Email ID is prashantd@sutra.co.jp

Hey vodka
i am working on calender project
link for demo applicationand source code is broken
can you please send me the source code.
my Email ID is manishshetty@hotmail.com


Cool job! I’ve searched for this code for weeks.
I get the “Bad Request” response as the other guys. Could you kindly send me the code? Mail: galvani.francesco@gmail.com

Thank you so much!

hi vodka

link for demo applicationand source code is broken
can you please send me the code,

great job, is realy awesome

my Email is man9a8au@gmail.com

can you please send me the code
my Email is mfbiux@hotmail.com


should check-in ilog and webservice…it is great combination. The cost is really not bad!

The time should be minimal too…shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks to learn or to get it done.



As per everyone else, could you please send me the code 🙂
email entered into the mail field.

cheers and thanks for yer efforts



I’am intersting in your work. Can you send me your code : rprandini@cosmosbay.com

Thanks a lot



Can you add me to this long list of folks looking for the code 🙂

TIA !!


Hi there,

I have just been tasked with doing a project style Gantt chart in flex and seeing your example and source code would be a great help.

Thanks for your efforts,


hi vodka,
i would be very thankful if you could send the code on ashishsinghr@gmail.com.

thanks in advance..

Can you please send me the code
my Email is fransiouz@yahoo.fr

Thanks a lot.

Hey, this seems like a great component, and it seems perfect for a small app I am making! Could you send me the source at jorgen.braseth@gmail.com ? Thanks!

Both links are dead. Is there a way to get them somewhere else online? It sounds very interesting.

everyone is looking for the code here hehehe

I also was wondering if any of you guys could send it to me …
this is my email address: deomandeo@gmail.com

tnx in advance!

I get Invalid Hostname when I try above links.
Would you please forward me the source code also (mlos @ yahoo.com)

You’d think I’d know my own email address: mlos100 at yahoo.com

Looks very good.

Please could you send me the sourcecode too

Would help if i gave you email

pcsoftlinx @ googlemail.com

Hi Vodka !

Can you share source code for me?

My mail id is : walkwithsabari@gmail.com

Hi Vodka,
Download link not working.

Could you please email me the source code for Scheduler/Gantt as well.

– K

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외출 후 돌아와서 집이 추울 때 보일러 온도를 무작정 높이지 말고 적당한 온도로 맞춘다.

대신 가습기를 틀어 집에 습기를 더한다.

보일러를 작동시키면 바닥이 덥혀지면서 집이 따뜻해지는데,

습도가 높으면 공기 순환이 빨라져 집이 빨리 데워지는 효과가 있다.

출처:다음카페 생활의지혜!

Good evening. It looks like the links to your sample and code are not valid. Could you email them to me or post a new link to them? Thank you so much for sharing. spamdam (at) gmail (dot) com


very nice work, but both links to sample and source don´t work. Could you please email me the source code for Scheduler/Gantt. Thank you very much!

j (dot) panzer (at) gmx (dot) at

hi vodka,

I’m very interested in your work of GCApp.swf.
Can you send me your code of it to


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