Flex Engineer –> Evangelist (Platform Products)

Posted on: March 11, 2008

After almost 3 years working with the Flex Engineering team (and a brief stint with the Adobe Media Player team) I have accepted a  new role as an Evangelist for the platform products of Adobe (Flex , AIR …) It has been  incredible working in the Flex engineering team, and I am going to sorely miss being there! But on the upside, It is going to be exciting times ahead as Flex / AIR is quite hot and happening in India and there is a lot of interest around Adobe technologies. My work will be predominantly India centric and I am looking forward to meeting folks in India working in Flex / AIR.

get in touch with me for your flex / AIR related queries, I will be delighted to assist – hsivaram [at] adobe [dot] com


10 Responses to "Flex Engineer –> Evangelist (Platform Products)"

That’s an great opportunity and I think that AIR is the coolest technologies in 2008 😀

Great news,
don’t miss to have a look on the india flex group (http://groups.google.com/group/flex_india?hl=en)

lucamezzlira, Laurent, Campbell:


Alright !! .. one more person I can bug 😉

hey, that’s cool news! Congrats!

congrats !!! …….just want to know if adobe is conducting any training programme for AIR @ bangalore…


A Series of events to support the community are planned in the Flex and AIR track. Send me an email, I could update you with the details. Keep watching this space for info too.


congrats a lot, thats an achievement!

thats for sure, bro

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