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I had a great time talking at the Delhi leg of BEA dev2dev summit. The event was extremely well organized and it was great to see a lot of enthusiastic developer folks!. The BEA team presented two very impressive sessions on using the BEA platform to develop SOA based applications and the demos were quite good as well. I had the last slot for talking on Flex integration over weblogic. My presentation was initially supposed to be for 30 minutes. But as I started my presentation, the crowd got so enthusiastic about the flex features, I ended up talking for almost 90 minutes and another 15 minutes of Q and A. I ate in to the lunch time, but the crowd was immensely supportive. The organizers (BEA folks) were extremely gracious – They happily let me continue the presentation despite over shooting the allotted time by a big margin.

Met a lot of folks who were interested to know more about flex and how they could leverage the flash platform to develop the presentation tier of their applications. It was fun, had a great time! I will be talking at the Chennai and Bangalore legs of the BEA dev2dev, and also at the Great Indian Developer Summit. If you are planning to be in any of these events, would love to catch up with you guys!


I will be in Delhi / Noida on 5th and 6th May. I will be talking at the BEA dev2dev techdays about integrating Flex applications on Weblogic server and also creating flex applications using the BEA workshop IDE. I am also planning to meet flex developers in the NCR region and also brainstorm about creating a Flex User Group (FUG) for the NCR. It will be great to catch up if you are a flex developer in the NCR region. I am pretty much available the whole of 5th evening and 6th afternoon, it will be great to catch up with flex / flash /AIR folks in and around Delhi. Give me a call at +919980338894 and we could meet up and have a chat ūüôā


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