UPDATE: mojaveexperiment.com- No silver, No light! Its all Flash baby!

Posted on: July 30, 2008

Oh yeah, They have now done this in silverlight – The kind of stuff we used to do back in Flash 4 days! (Stop embarassing yourself, MSFT! Do it in Flash – there isn’t any other way to do this. Ever.)

Check out http://www.mojaveexperiment.com/ . This is a campaign for Windows vista and is done Entirely in Flash.

I am extremely impressed by seeing Microsoft’s confidence (or the lack of it) on their own platform when it comes to building their own applications. (or may be they know there isn’t a better way (there can’t be one!) of doing this other than doing this in Flash! That’s more like it!)

The application looks great nevertheless! Good work, Microsoft 🙂


9 Responses to "UPDATE: mojaveexperiment.com- No silver, No light! Its all Flash baby!"

I imagine they picked Flash because it currently has greater market penetration than Silverlight.

Currently, “there isn’t a better way of doing this other than doing this in Flash!”

Check back in one year. The market moves rather quickly in throwaway apps such as this.

Hi, I like the Simple Gantt Chart Diagram, but found nothing but a broken link.

Do you think you could email it to me please. I would like to mess around with it, and see what I can come up with.

The link I got the broken link from is here



try using the link in IE and Firefox. The firefox version is Flash and the IE version is Silverlight. very interesting.
I think I actually preffer the flash version.

Please can someone tell me only ONE reason to download this silverlight onto my machine?

Because there are several reasons to keep my old flash plugin:

-it’s full multiplatform, and it does work same in linux and macosx , like in windows /also in 2000 (!) [like poor Silverlight 1.0 doesn’t] and 98,95/,
-it has no minimum P3-500 hardware requirement,
-it is also quiet small /as like as a few megabytes/,
-it has a very useful, editor environment to create animated gifs, videos, games, animations, musics, which SL will never has …
-there are more than 1,000 (!!) video portal on the world wide web created with Macromedia Flash ,
-there are severel useful web applications like gtalk client , flash earth etc. created with the Macromedia Flash

I don’t see any flash contents on their website? All are in Javascript?

What is this about? I would be willing to try it on a trial basis but I am not certain if my old computer XP, dial up, IE would be compatable, is it?

I find it very interesting that when I go on the actual site for mojaveexperiment.com it won’t let me go back to the last site visited on my history when I’m done… it just keeps sending me to the same site I am on…. I have to exit to get back to where I want to be.. seems like a bit of manipulation to me.. I will reserve judgement for the time being. My daughter just purchased a new laptop with vista. I have not heard her complain as of yet, but she is 16, and that age group is very resillient. Let’s see how long it takes her to come running and screaming… if it does not happen soon, I may consider converting.. PS it’s been 3 weeks at least, and no comment as of yet!!!!.(she was as much against it as i was when we got it, we looked into the cost of downgrading & decided to hold off a wk or 2!!!!) I’m not sure she even remembers this conversation… I’ll have to ask her…

This website has been updated to run on the very latest version
of the Microsoft® Silverlight™ (Beta 2) plug-in. Please re-install.
You can also view the Non-Silverlight version by clicking here.

Let me kindof summarize: Microsloth sucks.

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