Moving to http://blog.flexgeek.in

Posted on: February 10, 2009


This has been in my mind for quite a while. I have had serious problems with my hosting of files and examples in the past. I was also considering moving to my own domain name (http://flexgeek.in).

After a lot of deliberation (yeah – compromising the page rank, getting all my readers book mark the new address, mxna aggregation…) I have finally decided to transition my blog to http://blog.flexgeek.in. Please update the link in your RSS readers and bookmarks. For some time I will continue to post in both the locations, but I aim to discontinue this blog soon.

What that would mean is that many of my readers who have been *extremely* pissed with the broken links and my not fixing them have a reason to be a little less angry at me. I have re-instated all the examples and source code into my new blog. A good reason to update your bookmarks to http://blog.flexgeek.in 🙂

I have had this blog on wordpress for about 2 years now, its time to part and move on.


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