colrful is a desktop application built using Adobe AIR which lets you search for images based on color.[Original Post]

Features at a glance

  1. Select colors from the palette and search. You will get images matching that color (Results restricted to 25 in the preview build)
  2. Search for themes in Adobe Kuler, select a theme and you will get search results matching that theme.
  3. Paste the URL of your favorite image in the web and colrful will look up similar images from the web )
  4. Preview the image of your choice from the search results and download it to your desktop. Just a couple of clicks )

Start kuler




You need Adobe AIR runtime to use colrful. If you dont have AIR, get it here

Download and Install colrful desktop from here


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[…] colrful – vacker program som gör att du kan göra färg-baserade sökningar i Flickr. […]

[…] – ColrFul: Busca en flickr por colores e imágenes […]

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